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Running a website, maintaining a podcast host, and purchasing and maintaining the audio and video equipment needed to put out a quality podcast requires financial outlay, not to mention the hours every week that go into writing, recording, editing, posting, and marketing the show.

Patreon is a “virtual tip jar” where you can sign up to contribute to podcasters, authors, and artists to show your support for their creative work. Sign up for a recurring monthly support level and you’ll not only help the Lab, but you’ll get special rewards as my way of saying thanks. You can also view the Patreon page to see the support goals I have for the site.

Your patronage allows me to continue broadcasting the show and not lose money in the process. Thanks in advance!


Research Assistant Level

Brendan H.

Melissa V.

Foundation Grantor Level


Glen Lachlann Estate College of Arms

Melbourne, Australia


Thanks so much for supporting the podcast and promoting better theatre!