Hotspur Challenge

Hotspur Challenge

What was the Hotspur Challenge?

The Hotspur Challenge was a 21-day contest to create a short rendition of the sword fight between Hotspur and Prince Hal in Shakespeare’s Henry IV, Part 1…but instead of the “traditional” stage combat we often see, this duel must be designed to visually reproduce historical sword techniques from documented treatises.

After the challenge ended, a 3-week voting period ending April 24th, 2017 decided the contest winner, who was awarded a 16 oz. bottle of Blood Jam from Gravity and Momentum, the finest stage blood on the market today.

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The Champion!

Name of Challenger: Todd Campbell
Names of Performers: Hal- Erick Fournier
Hotspur- Jeremy Pearson
Additional Notes: This fight was put together in two, two-hour rehearsals using my theatrical interpretation of the sword and buckler play depicted in the 1.33 Tower Fechtbuch. Erick is a Fight Instructor with Fight Directors Canada and Jeremy is an Advanced Actor Combatant apprenticing towards his FI. And I’m a Fight Master with FDC. I’ve spent the better part of the last twenty years following the HEMA community and working to incorporate their work into my own. Thank you David for throwing the gauntlet and hopefully this will lead to more of us meeting and sharing our ideas on how we can find in these ancient texts beautiful and accurate ways to express our art form.

This was shot on April 3,2017 at Rapier Wit Studio in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


The Challenger!

Entry #1:

Name of Challenger: Steven Schwall
Names of Performers: Prince Hal – played by Scott Wright
Harry Percy (Hotspur) – played by Nicholas Mumma
Fight Choreography by Steven Schwall
Filmed in Grand Rapids, MI – March 30, 2017
Additional Notes: Neither performer had any prior training in HEMA. Scott is an intermediate level student of stage combat. Nicholas, has no formal training, just a little “on the job” experience. We had limited rehearsals due to scheduling issues and lack of a regular training space. The fight is still a little rough, but I hope you get the idea. It is my personal aesthetic choice to avoid matched weapons in battle scenarios