#36 Working With Blood

#36 Working With Blood

As Halloween approaches, stage blood makes its brief annual appearance into the general public consciousness. On Episode #36 of the Violence Design Lab podcast, we’ll go beyond zombie wounds and vampire fangs and talk about the right ways to work with stage blood to place you a cut above the trick-or-treat amateur.

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  1. Funny you should mention this! I just closed a production of “Deathtrap” where the director was married to the text about the garotte discharging blood (not only is it in the stage directions, it’s mentioned in the dialogue later). I managed to fabricate a garotte with child syringes in the handles and pierced tube for the wire. It worked great, but the biggest challenge was finding the right amount of blood to load. Too much and there was a sticky mess on the floor. To little, and the effect didn’t play. I found Gravity an Momentum’s “blood juice” to be the perfect medium to be squeezed out of very small holes reliably. Thanks for the input!

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