#35 How to Write a Fight Scene

#35 How to Write a Fight Scene

Episode #35 of the Violence Design Lab podcast is aimed squarely at playwrights and screenwriters. How do you write a good fight scene? How do you make sure that your vision of the fight is the one that gets put on stage? Who controls the choreography?

Do you want to win that fight? Stay tuned!


2:42    Purpose of the Violence (Playwright’s perspective)

10:39  Purpose of the Violence (Character’s perspective)

19:38  Stage directions vs. Fight choreography

25:12   How to Get the Fight You Want

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  1. Nice twist! Playwrights that think they can write a detailed fight scene bother me. But you also forgot to mention in casting, that actors may be cast who do not have the skill level for specific choreography. I much prefer a descriptive narrative of the highlights, so I can design the violence to work with the skill levels I have.

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