#32 Style Seminar: Historical Drama

#32 Style Seminar: Historical Drama

Historical Drama: doesn’t every Shakespeare play with fights fall into that category? Or everything set before 1980? What about Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings? Aren’t they in that style too? Let’s talk about this common–and commonly mischoreographed–style, and figure out what to include, what to steer clear of…and how to know when you’re in a historical drama in the first place!


This week’s episode is the second in a series on style: designing fights in particular ways to match a specific genre or to evoke a certain tone. Each iteration in the series will break down the specific elements that define the style and give you concrete, actionable ways to incorporate these elements into your choreography. I will also discuss the reasons that make the style challenging and how using it can affect the logistics of your production process, and finally, I’ll wrap up with a discussion of the general “feel” or tone that the style evokes in performance.


0:58   Define “Historical Drama”

4:52   The Elements of the Style

15:34 Why Is This Style Challenging?

26:49 What Tone Does This Style Create?

27:53 Takeaways

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