#30 Style Seminar: Hollywood Swashbuckling

#30 Style Seminar: Hollywood Swashbuckling

This week’s episode is the first in a series on style: designing fights in particular ways to match a specific genre or to evoke a certain tone. Each iteration in the series will break down the specific elements that define the style and give you concrete, actionable ways to incorporate these elements into your choreography. I will also discuss the reasons that make the style challenging and how using it can affect the logistics of your production process, and finally, I’ll wrap up with a discussion of the general “feel” or tone that the style evokes in performance.

This week. I’m examining classic Hollywood Swashbuckling: the flashy, dashing swordplay of the likes of Errol Flynn and Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. What makes swash tick? What are some of the classic tropes?

And wait…don’t I HATE swash??

3:24 Define “Swashbuckling”
4:11 The Elements of the Swash Style
15:30 Why Is This Style Challenging?
18:45 What Tone Does This Style Create?

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