#31 Portraying Trained vs. Untrained Characters

#31 Portraying Trained vs. Untrained Characters

This week, we examine how to customize the way a character fights to match the level of weapon/fight training or martial experience appropriate to their background in the world of the play. That meek biochemist shouldn’t fight the same way that Rambo does, and you need to adapt your choreography to remain true to their character story and demonstrate their relative skill to the audience.

Here are some tips for creating untrained fighters, normal or “realistically” trained fighters, and superheroic, legendary, or “super-trained fighters!


2:15  Introduction

4:19  The Problem with Standardized Moves

6:26  Creating Untrained Characters

13:54 Creating Realistically Trained Characters

19:08 Creating “Super-trained” Characters

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  1. The timing on this (article) could not have been better. We’ve just started training/choreographing for a show with twin brothers in the same fight, one a trained fighter, the other not so very much.

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