#25 Working With Young Fighters

#25 Working With Young Fighters

Many of us find ourselves designing theatrical violence for high school or middle school productions or teaching stage combat classes to theatre programs that focus on younger performers. Or perhaps the play you’re designing has a child involved in the violence. You may quickly discover that working with younger fighters can be a very different experience than designing with adults.

In this episode, I discuss 4 of the major challenges dealing with this age group:

  1. Physical Development
  2. Focus and Attention Span
  3. Emotional Comfort Level
  4. Limited Life Experience

I give you six teaching strategies for working with them more effectively:

  1.         Practice Patience
  2.                Control Speed
  3.                 Work on Hit Reactions
  4.                 Teach Good Falling Techniques
  5.                 Emphasize Proper Distance
  6.                 Stress Facial Reactions

Additionally, I give you five tips to help you design violence that best showcases the younger performer. Check out the episode for all the information!

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